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Wav Rec
Rough software had been still supplied with the cassette tape before the floppy disk came out. If "Sound" preserved on the tape is not recorded on the PC side to make the emulator read the tape, it is not possible to do. The tape is converted into WAV here, and it explains the method of converting WAV into the image. Other PC also includes "Cmt8001" etc. though it explains here around PC6001. It looks for. Dumping out method concerning my real machine..

Prepared thing
1.PC6082(DR320) $30.00
2.Audio Cable $10.00
3."Pokereko" \0
4.Sound Engine \0
5.P6datrec \0
Total $40.00

1.Let's prepare it.

Download Pokereko


Download Converter



1.First of all,downloads the pocket recorder from official HP.

2.Next, downloads the sound engine from official HP.
 (It is unnecessary in sucking out the tape with good level. )

3.Next, downloads p6datrec of the conversion software from official HP.
(When the tape is slight, is datrec2 good)
4.It defrosts each, and it puts it into the state that can be used.

5.The connecting cord ties to the terminal mic on the PC side, and it connects it with white and red on the data recorder side respectively.
(The black is needless because it is remote. )

- Let's finally move to the recording when the preparation to here ends.

2.Configure the Pokereko

1.When you start up it, let's set the sampling frequency of...
"Setting"→"Selection of the form"→ "11025Hz 8 bit mono".

2.The monitor level of data recorder is set just like the level by which the tape is recorded.
(It is similar for other data recorders such as CZ-8RL1. )
Forget??..try many times.

*Beginning of WAV file when it is possible to set it.

3.Make WAV file!!
Make WAV file

Save WAV file

8.recording button each other is pushed and beginning of the recording as shown in left chart.
(It is thought that you should push the recording button of "Pokereko" after previously pushing the recording button of the data recorder to avoid noising as much as possible. ) pushes the earth switch this time in reverse the order when finishing sounding it.
(It is not severe so much. )

10.When stop switch is pushed, "Pokereko"
The file of the WAV form can be made by applying the name by

- There is a possibility of going well when it is not possible to start well after it converts it when the noise of the head is put into the state of a no sound with a sound engine, and it tries again.

4.Convert WAV file!!

10."p6datrec" is started up.

11.The extension of
".p6" can be filed.
(By the way, the conversion software also has not only P6 but also PC88 and MZ, etc.Moreover, it is possible to use it with the emulator if the header is rewritten for MSX, and it changes to the ".cas" extension.)

- It is possible to have done. The emulator is only made to read the file of the p6 extension.

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